Summary of the DataSet

size:19.4 MB

Number of tweets in Input File := 34207

Number of Unique tweets in Input File := 34127

Number of tweets in Output File := 20846

Number of Unique tweets in Output File := 20792

The tweets were collected filtered based on keywords.This is the size obtained in 7 days

Sample results :-
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Episode Analyzer
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Event Analyzer
Sample results :

Event Representative Bigrams Event Time interval
dense_fog, advisory_issued rip_current, statement_issued, issued_january, nws_melbourne Dense Fog Advisory and Rip Current Statement issued by NWS_Melbourne January 14, Interval -1
super_bowl, tom_brady, football_game, playoff_games, seahawks_game, falcons_seahawks, falcons_game, dirty_birds, nfl_playoffs Super bowl football nfl playoffs, Falcons (Dirty Birds) vs Seahawks game, People excited to watch Tom Brady January 13, Interval -3
golden_globes, globes_tonight, downton_abbey, red_carpet Golden Globes Awards, Red Carpet, Maggi Smith of Downton Abbey (TV Series) wins at Golden Globes Awards. January 13,Interval 3; January 14, Interval -0
season_bad, bad_girls, girls_club, club_atlanta Bad Girls Club Atlanta Season 10 premiered on Jan 15 January 16, Interval -0,1
patriots_game, pats_game, texans game Patriots game Vs Texans game January 13, Interval -3
sandy_hook, hook_conspiracy, hook_shooting, conspiracy_video People watching Sandy Hook shooting conspiracy video. January 14, Interval -1; January 16, Interval -1
music_video, video_macmerk, macmerk_feat, feat_yungking Latest music video by Mac Merk Feat. Yung King January 15, Interval-2
dark_thirty, gangster_squad, haunted_house Three movies released on same date: Zero Dark Thirty, Gangster Squad, and A Haunted House January 13, Interval -3; January 14, Interval -0;

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Semantic Analyzer
Sample results :

Tweet Semantics Extracted
@StarTrek #ToBoldlyAsk my mom said she would sit me down to watch Star Trek when I was 3 years old and I wouldn't say word till it over., 1987,Star Trek,Victoria's Secret
Nooo! I watched every season of #GreysAnatomy on Netflix!! What am I suppose to watch now?!, Grey's Anatomy,24 (season 7),24 (season 2)
want to watch Ripper Street on BBC-America. but i dont have the channel for some odd reason... :(, BBC America,Bias blind spot,Warsaw Ghetto

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