Summary of the DataSet
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Sample results :-
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Event Analyzer
Sample results :

Event Representative Bigrams Event
big_bang, theory_fans, bang_theory, youtube_channel People talking about Show 'Big Bang Theory' and its Youtube Channel
jon_snow, better_king Jon Snow - character of the show – 'Game of Thrones'
total_war, war_mod, called_westeros Westeros - 'Game of Thrones' game mode
one_tree, tree_hill, hill_oth, sophia_bush, sad_momments End of show – 'One Tree Hill'
vampire_diaries, love_watching, secret circle People watching 'Vampire Diaries' and 'Secret Circle'
emily_owens, cancellation_sign, from_cancellation, save_emily People signing ptition to save the 'Emily Owens MD' show from cancellation

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Semantic Analyzer
Sample results :

Tweet Semantics Extracted
Marshall "Big Fudge" Eriksen and Lily "Lilypad" Aldrin that's who Marshall, Texas,Fuck,Eriksen
i know every single word it's insane. HIMYM is forever my favorite show 1948,How I Met Your Mother,The Secret Life of the American Teenager
I laughed so hard when I saw this scene I love Barney! Hardcore punk,Barney and Friends,Ku Klux Klan

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