Summary of the DataSet
Number of tweets in Input File := 606857

Number of Unique tweets in Input File := 474966

Number of tweets in Output File := 1486
(Filtered on broadcast keywords)

Number of Unique tweets in Output File := 967

Sample results :-
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Episode Analyzer
Sample results :-
As a part of the results, 10 maximum retweeted tweets are presented for 10 episodes respectively. Some of the episodes and max retweeted tweets are given below:

  • The first episode detected was about .a cover pic on cosmopolitan uk magazine.. The tiny url of the cover pic is tweeted and says its a big cover. The exact tweet is .RT @zaynmalik: Big cover for @cosmopolitanuk ! Boys looking slick The link related to the above tweet is . HVYqJc. in the Twitter pics engine.
  • A tweet by Katy Perry is detected as an episode, as it is retweeted by huge number of people.
  • Concert in Singapore by SMTown Live World Tour III on November 23 2012: SMTown Live World Tour III is the 2012 world-wide live concert tour by SM Town. At the time of the concert in singapore, the above episode has occurred. Wikipedia link which has the schedule showing the concert date in singapore. SMTown_Live_World_Tour_III
  • Rita Ora and Harry Styles parties in second birthday party for One Direction.s Liam Payne on August 26, 2012: The link related to this episode is . news/news/5868/Harry-Styles-and-Rita-Ora-spotted-out- together-again.

The broadcasting related tweets which we have extracted are using keyword list. Some of the tweets extracted are not related to the broadcasting domain. The results might get better, if the dataset is more relevant. As the episode detection algorithm that we have developed is not domain specific, the results (episodes detected) are not that good. We may improve the results by making it domain specific. Some of the tweets are in non-english language and as our algorithm supports only english now, the results can be affected because of this.

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Event Analyzer
Sample results :

Event Representative Bigrams Event
running_man, jae_suk, lee_kwang, yoo_jae, ryu_dam, hyung_don, jung_hyung, love_running People talking about the show 'Running man' and its characters
lawak_mega, maharaja_lawak People watching Maharaja Lawak Mega 2012
channel_news, jumped_bail, news_asia, bail_jailed event is about some one who jumped bail and was jailed. link of the related ariticle -
happy_birthday, runningmancast_happy, beautiful_jihyo, People wish Happy Birthday to actress 'Song Ji-Hyo' of Running Man

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Semantic Analyzer
Sample results :

Tweet Semantics Extracted
Please help to RT and follow the NEW runningman fanbased account in SG !!! @RunningManOfSg ! Thanks loads! @IIRainDropII @chuchutrainz Running Man (TV series),Follow the Leader (Korn album)
RT @RunningManCast: It seems like Running Man will only be delayed for a week due to the Olympic games. Broadcast will resume on the 5th... Catherine Hardy Lavender,The Running Man,The Running Man (dance)
RT @XSTROLOGY: #Libra smiles and personalities are captivating., Fela Kuti,Libra (Chinese astronomy),Libra (astrology)

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