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Event Analyzer
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Event Representative Bigrams Event
love_rain, best_couple, incredibly_perfect, geun_suk, suk_ssi People like the couple on the show 'Love Rain'
music_bank, kbs_channel, top_amo, amo_music, hong_kong South Korean music television program broadcast by Korean Broadcasting System (KBS)
tin_pei, pei_ling, lousy_candidate, nicole_seah People talking about PAP member Tin Pei Ling and have negetive opinions about her membership in parliament.
upload_point, entry_season People asking to upload episodes of 'Point of Entry season 3'
super_junior, lasting_friends, junior_lee, oppa_eunhae People liking band 'Super Janitor' and its songs
wonder_girls, member_group Show 'Wonder Girls'with a 5-member group
fann_wong, debut show, zoe_tay People talking about debut show of actress 'Fann Wong' and comparing her with actress 'Zoe Tay'

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Semantic Analyzer
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Tweet Semantics Extracted
Uploading ep 18 do subscribe at the same time ! Uploading and downloading,Mind uploading,Dissociative identity disorder
stupid isabella 210 Isabella,Isabella of England,Canal de Isabel II
luv thus episode so romantic ping an and the Mr no guy Ping An Insurance,Robin Hood,So Romantic

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