Summary of the DataSet :
Total Tweets : 27065
Unique Tweets : 17960

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Episode Analyzer
Results :-
Episode Analyzer has detected one episode "Breakdown of SMRT" on March 15 2012. The most frequent nouns related to the episode are smrt, train, sbs, line, nel, bus, service, dhoby, ghaut, harbourfront, train, breakdown, disruption. The most frequent bigrams related to the detected episode are train:smrt , dhoby:ghaut, smrt:disruption, train:disruption.
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Event Analyzer
Sample results :

Event Representative Bigrams Event
marina_bay, train_fault, southbound_train south-bound train service from novena to marina bay delayed due to train fault
slow_moving , wet_morning, moving_retired, retired_turtles every time it rains, smrt trains become slow moving retired turtles
pasir_ris, train_service, singapore_train, delayed_twice train service delayed twice at pasir ris
jurong_east, modification_project, weekly_trips, more than 800 weekly trips added by smrt since completion of the jurong east modification project in may 2011
metal_clip , check_track, hits_passersby, track_falls metal clip from smrt track falls off and nearly hits passers-by in jurong
dhoby_ghaut, harbourfront_directs, directs_commuters, bus_bridging, bridging_services no train service on ne line between dhoby ghaut and harbourfront, directs commuters to take free bus bridging services
smrt_staff , staff_occupies, occupies_reserved, reserved_seat, woman_grateful smrt staff occupies reserved seat

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Semantic Analyzer
Sample results :

Tweet Semantics Extracted
#smrt is freaking ridiculous! 2 yishun trains in a row! what. whole singapore stay in yishun ahh???!! Singapore, SMRT Trains, SMRT Corporation, Yishun MRT Station
jennytmq: to jurong! (@ smrt buses: 172) SMRT Buses,Jurong,Jurong Island
nab_lah: what's wrong with our transport :( first smrt trains now sbs transit trains SMRT Trains,SBS Transit,Child abuse

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